• Paying Late Frequently

    Paying Late Frequently

    January 24, 2009

    Do you always pay your bills on time?  The answer is hopefully yes.  As part of your payment history, frequent late payments affect the largest part of your score payment history.

    To be honest I research an hour online using all forms of keys words and could find any specific information about frequent paying late.  What is understood is if you pay late consistently late then a pattern is formed.  Lenders don’t like lenders who pay late so accordingly this will have a negative effect to your credit score.

    There is interdependence on the other factors such as the severity.  Classing a person for frequently pays 90 days late.

    The true goal of a credit score or credit scoring model is to accurately paint a picture of the consumer.  Paying late frequently definitely gives creditors an idea of the type of consumer you are.  The more you do it the larger the negative effect.

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