• Experian


    • Website: www.experian.com
    • Phone: (888) 397-3742
    • Address: Experian 701 Experian 701 Experian Pkwy Allen, TX 75013


    • 3 Bureau Online Credit Report – You get instant online access to all three major credit bureau reports
    • Experian Credit Score and Report – You get instance online access to both the credit report and credit score from experian
    • VantageScore – You get immediate online access to your VantageScore
    • Triple Advantage – You get to check access to all three credit files from each credit bureau 24-7 and  unlimited reports and scores


    Experian’s history is more dynamic than the other credit bureaus which includes being acquired several different times.  It also includes their own acquisitions.

    The company was found in 1980 by John Peace.  At that time is was called CNN Systems.  CNN was then purchased by TRW.  Experian then demerged for its parent company and was listed on the London stock exchange in 2006.

    Over the next few years, Experian has acquired a couple different companies, which includes: Northern Credit Bureaus in Quebec and Hitwise, an internet monitor that collects data from internet ISP’s.

    Corporate Info

    • Stock Symbol: LSE
    • Listed on the EXPN