• Equifax


    • website: www.equifax.com
    • Phone:(404) 885-8000
    • Address: 1600 Peachtree Str, NW Atlanta, GA 30909
    • Mailing Address: Equifax Credit Information Services Inc. P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374


    • 3-in-1 Report With FICO Score – You have the ability to review what lenders do.  You are granted immediate online access to all three credit reports from each credit bureau.  You also get your FICO score and the ability to compare to the national average.
    • 3-in-1 Monitoring with FICO Score – You are granted immediate online access to all three major credit bureau reports and FICO score.  Includes monitoring of all three reports and a credit score simulator.  Around the clock access to customer care specialists fraud experts.  Up to $20,000 in identity theft insurance
    • Score Watch – around the clock credit score monitoring and email notifications of changes to your score.  A full explanation of what your score means.
    • ID Patrol – Monitors your credit file for changes providing alerts to any changes.  You have the ability to lock and unlock your credit report.  Also, it alerts you if any of your personal information is found on any underground websites.


    Equifax is the oldest of all credit bureaus founded in 1898.  Equifax’s beginnings was a retail credit company found by two brothers, Cator and Guy Woolford.  The brothers ran a grocery and they would collect information about customers and their credit worthiness.  They then sold these compiled lists to other merchants.

    They expanded the business by seeking out other grocers and coping their credit information about their customers.  Then sold these books in and around the business’ hometown of Atlanta.  The business turned out to be a success and the brothers began to expand to other states.  They also expanded the list of services they offered.

    The company continued to grow and by 1950 had 140 offices throughout the US.  By 1960, Equifax had over 7,400 inspectors and 1,400 offices.  Throughout the 1970’s they began purchasing small credit bureaus and by the 1980’s there was just a few major bureaus.

    Today, they have expanded international and offer several services to businesses and consumers (see above).  They are also the largest credit bureau in existence.

    Corporate Information

    • Public Company
    • Ticker Symbol: EFX
    • Listed on the NYSE